Very pleased to announce – This summer, Synthetic Ecology (SE) is the ONCA Gallery artist in residence.

Using research based from the radical US journal Midnight Notes and histories of experimental film, SE will examine the night in reflection to crisis capitalism and use ONCA Gallery as an improvised space for artist development & collaborative learning. SE artists taking part in the residency include Sam Williams, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Lydia Heath, George Harding, Korallia Stergides, Kris Lock and Jo Sweeney. This will lead up to our main event on Saturday 2nd September, seen below.


Midnight Notes

Saturday 2 September, 11:30am to 11pm

ONCA Gallery, Brighton.

See Facebook page here.

Join the artists for a day & night of free workshops, talks, film screenings, performance and sound art; exploring the night through sonic wandering, unexpected encounters, non-human meetings and ventures into the unknown. With a selection of established and emerging artists including Ruby Bateman, Bethany Crawford, Karel Doing, Justin Grize, George Harding, Lydia Heath, Kris Lock, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Holly Shoesmith, Korallia Stergides, Jo Sweeney, Jeph Vanger, Dana Venezia, Jack Walsh, Sam Williams. Curated by Lou Lou Sainsbury.

Full Schedule
Day Programme // Workshops
11:30am to 12pm
Introduction to Midnight Notes
12pm to 1:30pm
Nocturne – Ensiferan Variations
A vocal workshop led by Justin Grize
2pm to 3pm
House of the Setting Sun
A lecture & presentation led by Jack Walsh
3:15pm to 4.30pm
Excavating the Dark Web
A workshop, guided live tour & discussion on the dark web by Kris Lock & Jo Sweeney
Night Programme // Video, Performance & Sound Art
Doors at 7:45pm
8pm to 11pm
Screenings and performances
Including work from Ruby Bateman // Bethany Crawford // Karel Doing // George Harding // Kris Lock // Lou Lou Sainsbury // Holly Shoesmith // Korallia Stergides // Jeph Vanger // Dana Venezia // Sam Williams


ONCA Gallery
14 St George’s Pl
Brighton, BN1 4GB